Alpha Omega Values:

 Commitment, Integrity, Family, Global Oral Health, Inclusivity, Leadership, and Social Justice

Community Service

Alpha Omega members pride themselves on doing Community Service work! Members volunteer with various community service projects including the Homeless Health Initiative and Sayre Health Center! One of Alpha Omega’s favorite service projects is called the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA) for which students pack food boxes that then get distributed to local Jewish communities. The JRA is a HUGE organization, and being a cog in this machine is very fulfilling.


Questions about community service can be directed to our Community Service Chair, Marion Nadal


Out of school, we share a really unique social bond. As a chapter, we really pride ourselves in being active in doing social events, like our yearly back to school BBQ, brewery tour, dinners, happy hours etc. We also participate every month in a food bank program and are looking to do other community service projects as well. In order to fund all of these programs, we use student dues but we also have fundraising events to fund more projects!


Questions about social events can be directed to our Social Chairs, Michelle Haykin and Viviana Portillo


We like to consider AO as a happy family. A lot of us are really great friends and we rely upon one another for help all the time. From practical tutorials to mock osteology exams, AO provides a spectrum of help along the road to graduation. Perhaps most important is the advice from we receive from upperclassmen who see patients in clinic. The transition from traditional didactic work to clinical is new for almost everyone in dental school. Having friends in AO to guide you through this phase makes school life less stressful, and ultimately allows us to provide a better experience for our patients as student dentists.

Questions about academic benefits can be forwarded to our Academic Chair, Tamar Rogoszinski

Student/Alumni Network

There are over 50 AO chapters throughout the US and the world, so there is a lot of potential for networking. If you plan on applying to graduate programs at different schools, chances are there is an AO chapter that you could speak with and get helpful information from. Plus, we have a large alumni network as well that are always interested in mentoring us and can provide helpful insight. We often have events with the AO Philadelphia Alumni Chapter and Temple Dental, which consists of both young alums and established dental professionals who are always willing to give advice and answer questions! ]

If you would like to be more involved or have any ideas or suggestions, please contact our Alumni Chair, Nessim Temstet D’21 at or We look forward to hearing back from you.